Cesc Fabregas Says That He’s Not Racist

As much as we love it when ballers heated (mostly because the crowd flashes of skin exposure may lead), sometimes it gets a little too intense for our emotional frazzle, and often drunk self. Case in point: last Saturday at the end of Barcelona's 0-0 draw against Sevilla when things between Cesc Fabregas and Frederic Kanoute was heated.

Some reports claimed immediately after the game that Kanoute rushed to Cesc because of a racist comment. A few hours later, tweeted Kanoute [Ed. NOTE: The translated by us] "I am very sad about what happened yesterday, it was not exemplary, it was a provocation and insult, as you know No need to spin around it Thanks..." Followed by "his actions, and me were bad, case closed. Lets continue with soccer. "

Within an hour Kanoute comments, Cesc then tweeted the following. Was all the more interesting, however, the closer he ended his Twitter rant, added: "My whole life I've played with people from all over the world and from many different religions, I share a dressing room with a Mali-player, I have an Arabic tattoo and my friend is Lebanese. "

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