Garmin nuvi 1450 Review and Features

The Garmin nuvi 1450 GPS navigator has a 5inch touchscreen display, a suitable size for your choice of in-car navigation system. The nuvi 1450 also has some additional features that allow it to go beyond a traditional in-car navigation system, with optional download the cityXplorer technology making it easier to navigate around the large cities, where to find the Public transportation can be difficult.

Turn by turn navigation, an integral part of any GPS navigators performance is sufficient in the Nuvi 1450, with points of interest (POI) is available along the selected route, two-D or 3-D map view depending on the preference and the Custom POI upload all help to make traveling easier. Garmin use the hotfix satellite prediction to calculate your position to help for an enhanced real-time data to take you around faster.


Image resolution of the 5-inch WQVGA TFT display, up to 480 x 272 pixels, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to support power requirements. Additional features included to assist with various travel conditions include currency converter, measurement converter, JPEG photo viewer. The inclusion of a USB interface on your computer, and support for microSD card provides flexibility when attempting to transfer data to the unit. A "Where Am I" emergency locator indicates the exact longitude and latitude, while also providing information on facilities such as hospitals and police stations closest to that location.


An impressive feature that comes with the Garmin GPS systems is ecoRoute option, with a more environmentally friendly way to a destination by calculating the most fuel efficient route. The size of the touch screen makes it easier to watch, with the interface that is easy to follow and responsive. Overall GPS device weighs 7.8 ounces and has a total width of 5.4inches who already littler bigger than the average other units, but the added visibility while driving is provided to make up for.


For an in-car navigation system to assist three important properties are required. First, an easy to use interface for fast delivery route. Second, a reliable screen at a glance information and thirdly, a reliable connection information is updated. The Nuvi 1450 is able to contract all of these functions and is a worthy choice for car navigation, with functions that also help if they do not drive.

  • 5inch Touchscreen
  • ecoRoute options
  • USB & microSD interfaces
  • 2d or 3d maps
  • Slightly larger than average unit

  • There are no cons for this product

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