How To Save Data Bandwith With Android OS

Use a Smartphone, sometimes can be headache for us because we would use the mobile data plan. Without using data plan, so it's a waste using a smartphone. When plan data used there where he will suck your battery in your smartphone.

These two things are the main I would like to discuss: -

  • How to save bandwidth data with Android OS
  • How to save battery Smartphone

Compare the pay-per-use data plan is more economical for users who use mobile data often, but it will depend on the boundary data plan. So how to save bandwidth data extraction steps below: -

1. Do not rely on the data plane

You should not depend on your wireless network if you have any available WiFi around you ie Wi-Fi wireless home or office. It will save you the bandwidth limit of data.

2. Disable auto-sync on the mobile

Your smartphone often suffer synchronization with your Facebook / Gmail (if used) or other account connected. This process will often sending data to update these statements. Frequent synchronization only waste using data from your data plan.You can set to sync every 1 hour or more. By doing this, your battery life will take even longer. Clear the background data and automatically synchronize your smartphone.

3. Application

Selecting the application also important. Using Opera Mini is more effective than the Android browser, as it will compress the data and transfers a small amount of data.

4. Disable the image

Loading image on the smartphone could cost you more data. So by turning off the image it will be faster, loads cost you small amount of data. Only download pictures only important. Disable the charge pattern on Opera Mini and Facebook to follow.

5. Monitor usage data

Android, there is an apps to monitor the use of data from your smartphone. Not only data but applications will follow as more calls and SMS as well. DroidStats Order that will help you do that.

Most of these tips MA EBA also applicable for other smartphone. Try it at your own risk.

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