IPhone 4 8GB Available At RM1799 | Malaysia Apple Store

Since we are waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 4S to Malaysia, but now Malaysia Apple Store got something else and something new for every owner of an iPhone want to be. Apple Store in Malaysia had updated their store and also added an affordable model of the iPhone 4 which is 8 GB iPhone 4.

iphone4 8gb iPhone 4 8GB Available at RM1799 | Malaysia Apple Store

The highest point is this model is sold without a contract and telco direct from the Apple factory. You are free, no contract with Telco by buying the iPhone 4. The only differences between the 16GB & 32GB iPhone 4 and it is only 8 GB of storage and also the last 4 8 GB iPhone comes with the latest iOS 5.

If you are interested in buying the 8GB iPhone 4S, you can buy it through official channels

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