IPhone 4S Siri Alike For Android, Blackberry & Symbian

Only just iPhone 4S with a feature known as SIRI was introduced as the SIRI comes equally to Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. There are no more worries for other smartphone users.
Android smartphone users, there are three iPhone apps alike Siri Virtual Assistant.

1. Speaktoit

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual buddy for your Android device that uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, launch apps and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and many others.

Download Speaktoit Assitant via Android Market (free)

*Coming soon to iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Bada OS

2. Voice Action

Control your phone through speech commands.

Talk to your android. Ask it to:
* Set alarms and reminders
* Send text messages and email
* Voicedial your contacts
* Listen to music and poems
* Get news, facts and translations
* Search images, videos, apps and places
and much more
just by using your voice!

Download Voice Action via Android Market (free) & available for iPhone.

3. Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is your very own Virtual Assistant. Simply speak to Vlingo and it will help you get more done, faster and easier than before. Try saying “Text John; What’s up?” or “find italian restaurants” or even “update Facebook; Vlingo rocks!” Download to learn everything Vlingo can do for you.

Download Vlingo Virtual Assistant via Android Market (free) and also available on iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia Symbian.

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