LightGuardian 1.1 Now Available for iOS Devices

3D seems to be the buzzword these days, and I get to see more and more iOS games with superb 3D graphics, and one of them is Luke's light Penkava guardian. The Czech-indie developer has just released an update to the game, version 1.1, and with him a whole list of cool features. Check out the press release below for more details:

Prague, Czech Republic - Lukas Penkava Independent developers today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of light Guardian 1.1, an update for its action-packed gaming title for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices known. In light of the IOS guardian, your goal is to defend your beacon in the sky against attacks from a seemingly endless onslaught of enemy airships.

With plenty of enemies to fight, interesting and unique features, multiple difficulty levels, a built-in interactive tutorial, high scores on leaderboards, and save it with upgrades, this game is packed with features. Version 1.1 includes updated metadata.

Guardian light not only offers stunning graphics, but also a unique and intuitive control, the next score an impressive sound. Only the best players with a lot of courage and hardcore trigger finger to be successful in this game, but help is in the form of upgradeable weapons and power-ups available that make life a little easier. Items such as light rays and bombs can help your defense and mastering all of which, add the fun!

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