Motorola Razr Launching Date In Malaysia – 8th November 2011

Do you expect that? Motorola RAZR came to Malaysia November 8, 2011. Another thing, Malaysia Motorola launches this gadget, the same day that Samsung Galaxy note is the launch in South Asia.

About Motorola Razr specification, most of its specifications are similar Samsung S2 Galaxy. Motorola Razr is thin with processing chip 1.2GHz 4.3-inch screen with AMOLED touchscreen 8 megapixel camera with HD recording. He Android operating with 2.3.5.

Check the Motorola Razr Motorola Malaysia introduction video below:

None of Motorola Razr price or Motorola Razr Malaysia release date yet to be known. Most probably all this stuff will be unveiled in the Malaysia Motorola Razr launching event soon.
Additional info:

Whoever wish to get more details about Motorola Razr, you can register at Brightstar Malaysia to get info about the smartphone.

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